Zion National Park In All Its Autumn Glory 2019

October 12, 2019 | Lavafalls Admin

We have some wonderful bi-annual guests from Germany who take beautiful photos of our state twice a year and are kind enough to share them with us here at Saint George Vacations. On their stay this Fall, they've captured some beautiful shots of east Zion National Park and our Desert Big Horn Sheep herd. 

More often than not, you can see the herd just beyond the east Zion tunnel and on the way to Mount Carmel Junction.

These animals like this area of the park because they are very skilled climbers and the rocky terrain allows them to escape from predators like mountain lion. Their hooves grip the the rock and allow them to move up and down the sandstone cliffs easily.

Mating season for the bighorn sheep, also called the rut is from August through October. During this time, the rams will fight each other and ram their heads together using their large horns. The dominant male wins access to the ewes of the herd. Gestation for these creatures is about 6 months and babies can be seen January through April in East Zion.

So far every season this year has provided some stunning scenery due to the above average precipitation we received last winter. If you decide to view the Big Horn Sheep in East Zion, be cautious when driving as they are frequently on the road or crossing the road. And as always, keep a safe distance between you and the wild animals as they can be aggressive, especially during the rut.

photos taken by guest, Norbert Zapf