Stunning Summer Hike To Water Canyon In Southern Utah

July 19, 2018 | Lavafalls Admin

If you're looking for a hike with stunning scenery in the heat of summer, Water Canyon Hike outside of Hildale, Utah might be the one for you. The trail is considered moderately difficult with steeper switchbacks, some death drops on one side along with areas of wet slick rock. There's plenty of shade and water on portions of the hike making it one of the "cooler" hikes in southern Utah in the summertime.

It's about a hour drive from St. George, Utah to the Water Canyon trailhead. Click here for driving directionsTraveling from Utah Hwy SR59 and once into the city of Hildale, turn east on Utah Avenue and drive about 2 miles to the east. Take Canyon Street and drive north about 1 mile to Water Canyon Road. Then drive on about 2 miles to the trailhead parking area just past a water reservoir.

Primarily used for hiking March through November, the trail is also dog friendly provided they are leashed. The day we hiked the trail, we only passed one family on the trail but there were a few cannyoneerers rappelling their way down the cliffs.

We also passed some polygamist women and children dressed in their traditional clothing, playing in and enjoying the water near the lower portion of the trail. Being so close to Hildale, Utah, a primarily polygamist town and a portion of the "Arizona Strip", it was not surprising to see the families enjoy the refreshing canyon as well.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to get completely to the top of the trail because it was starting to get dark and we wanted to make our way back down the trail and past those precarious, drop offs with relative ease. It's a beautiful hike and if it becomes more difficult than your ability or energy level you can always turn around early and not be completely disappointed having scene some stunning scenery.

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