Snow Canyon Trail Rides

March 13, 2019 | Lavafall Admin

We took a beautiful trail ride last week in Snow Canyon State Park, only a 5 minute drive from Lava Falls At Entrada, with Snow Canyon Trail Rides. We've hiked and biked Snow Canyon many times in our 25 years of living in this beautiful area but never had explored it via horseback.

Be sure to call ahead to schedule your date and time as they trailer the horses in and out of the park.

What to wear: It's a good idea to wear shoes or boots with a heel and wear long pants to protect your legs from rubbing on the saddle and sunburn. Definitely wear a hat, sunglasses and wear sunscreen year around because the sun is especially intense in the canyon. They provide helmets that are mandatory for children and recommended for adults but you can opt out by signing a waiver.  

What to bring: Always take a bottle of water with you anytime you're outside in Utah as it's especially dry, even in the winter. The saddles have a pouch (if you ask) to slip a bottle of water in and also a snack if you'd like. I brought my camera phone and a selfie stick, but be aware of telescoping the selfie stick out too far as our guide said that it might spook the horses. 

We met Mike, our professional trail guide at 1:00 pm in the lower portion of the park, near the sand dunes in a parking lot. He had trailered in 5 horses, 3 for us and 2 for another couple. Our 13 year old son had never ridden on a horse before and was a little apprehensive, but Mike was thorough in his instruction and placed Nic with a very gentle and steady horse.


The trail ride took us through a beautiful, orange, sand stone canyon with tall, steep walls on either side.

At this time of year (winter) and in the cooler seasons, the 2 hour trail ride starts right from the parking lot at the bottom of the canyon. But in the heat of the summer, they offer sunset and morning trail rides along the north rim of the park at a cooler 1,500' higher elevation.

Along the trail ride, Mike pointed out unique geologic formations and explained what geologists believe had caused them over the years. He also identified the various flora and fauna native to the canyon. He told us that movie production company's had been inspired to create some of the greatest westerns of all time right here in this canyon. Some of the most famous being, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Jeremiah Johnson and Broken Arrow.

We highly recommend Snow Canyon Trail Rides for a memorable trail ride in some of the most breath taking scenery this side of heaven. Give them a call at 435-773-7630 or go to their website at: Snow Canyon Trail Rides to schedule your ride. The springtime desert will be in full bloom soon and with the large amount of precipitation we've received this winter, the wildflowers and cacti blossoms will more than likely make this spring one of our showiest ever!